Dining Room Decorating Inspiration: COLOR!

I’ve been in my first house for almost two years now. Although I have many opinions, thoughts and ideas regarding decorating–I can’t seem to fixate on just one style or theme. My dining and living area is what you would call “open concept” (i.e. one large room). I really want to inject color, in some capacity, into the dining space since my furniture is dark and my walls are painted a very neutral color (Benjamin Moore – Edgecomb Gray).

One of my favorite design magazines is House Beautiful. It’s so much fun to flip through the glossy pages to gaze at amazingly decorated interiors. I came across these dining room spaces online, that have included color in curtain panels, art, paint and area rugs.

Which room is your favorite? What is your favorite dining room addition that has added color to YOUR space?

*All images from HouseBeautiful.com


2 thoughts on “Dining Room Decorating Inspiration: COLOR!

  1. Sandra says:

    I am attempting to redecorate my dining room. It is currently more modern than I would like for it doesn’t feel inviting. I think I need to incorporate more upholstered pieces as in the 4th picture above, and a pop of color shown in the other pictures. The problem is that it is an open floor plan as you have and my space is very narrow. Bleh….

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