Fun times in D.C. – Presidential Inauguration 2013


This past weekend I traveled with my family to Washington, D.C. for the Presidential Inauguration 2013 festivities. When I say I had an amazing time, that is no overstatement! The city was buzzing with friendly people, political banter, and numerous activities for all ages. You really have to visit this city multiple times because there is so much to do, it’s impossible to conquer everything in one weekend.  Although the temperature was borderline freezing, I absolutely LOVED being in the mix of such a historical event.

Have you been to Washington D.C.? If so, what are your favorite site-seeing spots to visit? If you haven’t been to D.C., would you consider going?

Here are some pics that I snapped with my handy-dandy iPhone over the weekend [and if you follow me on Instagram – lexofhearts – some of these may look familiar ; ) ]










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