The “House Happy” series

My dining room area, featuring a Crate & Barrel buffet

My dining room area, featuring a Crate & Barrel buffet

If you are familiar with the famed interior decorator/designer Nate Berkus and his tv show, he had a segment featuring viewers showcasing their “proud design moments” in their homes. This was so interesting to see how other people around the country like to decorate their homes. A lot of times, this also served as inspiration! Well, I wanted to have my own spin on Mr. Berkus’ concept. The Lex of Hearts version will be named “House Happy”.

With this new series, I ask you, my lovely readers to show off your space! It doesn’t have to be your entire home, but perhaps your favorite reading nook, or your man cave or even an amazing, superbly-organized and well put together closet.

I will start things off with my ‘dining area’ that houses one of the best purchases I’ve made, a Crate & Barrel buffet. Although my house is still work-in-progress (even though it’s been almost 3 years), my buffet/console area is very much me. I actually try to switch out the decorative items occasionally, to spice it up a bit. I also love this piece for the ample storage behind the cabinet doors. I have a place for wine glasses, entertaining servingware, flower vases, extra decorative napkins (cloth & paper), candles, etc.

From my experience, HomeGoods/Marshalls/TJ Maxx are usually the best places to pick up quality, but affordable items for the home. Oh! And we can’t forget Ikea! (One of the best places on earth, next to Disney World, of course)

Here is a list of key items shown in my space:

  • Crate & Barrel Buffet – Craigslist find
  • Sunburst mirror – HomeGoods
  • Lamp – TJ Maxx
  • Black Greek Key box – HomeGoods
  • Silver Candlesticks – Ikea
  • Silver Bottle (on top of Greek Key box) – Marshalls
  • “Fashion Box” book – Urban Outfitters
  • Blue Box (underneath the candlesticks) – Tiffany & Co

What are your favorite go-to stores and/or online shops that you frequent to decorate your living space?

Would you like to be featured for the “House Happy” series? Email me. This will be fun!


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