Fall-ing for this season!


The summer is now behind us and I’ve definitely been M.I.A. from blogging (my bad!) However, I’ve had an amazing summer–filled with cookouts, new friends, road trips and all around fun experiences. I am back on the wagon…the writing wagon, that is!

Well, it’s a new season and not to sound so cliché, but I am excited for all things Fall. Of course pumpkins will be plentiful, cooler weather, football season (which I’m actually excited for because I’ve been educated on the game, a bit) and perhaps…a new me? Again, another cliché saying, but it’s somewhat true….

New season, new hair color! A bit anti-climatic, but I love it and wanted to share with my wonderful readers. (See handy-dandy iPhone selfie below)

Who else is excited for Fall? Share your favorite Fall things!

P.S. Special thank you to my bestie/hairstylist extraordinaire, Jen, for my new look 🙂

Photo credits – (top) Pinterest (bottom/selfie) taken by Alexis Young



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