The inspiration is back… Ready? Set. GO!

The Notebook.

After many months, I am glad to say my blog-writing hiatus is now over! Ugh. I know, I know…it’s been entirely too long and I have definitely neglected “Lex of Hearts.” Months have gone by and honestly I was second guessing myself, thinking that what I’ve started here wasn’t really “good enough,” which also led me to feel a bit uninspired. I read tons of blogs and they all look so polished, full of great content and photography. However, I’ve also learned in these last few months that this blogging life is real and like most things, this takes practice and time to create something meaningful enough to share with the world.

A few people have asked me about my blog — “Are you still writing?”,What’s your website?”, “Your last post was in January!” Hanging my head in shame (a little), not really wanting to answer because my answers seem so mediocre, ya know? But at this point, I’ve realized that this is a forum to just be me, in a written/visual format. It’s crazy to think that even the few people that do comment and re-tweet my post links value what I create here and this has helped me get back in the swing of things. My confidence is up and I’m ready to give this a-go! So, to my readers, I thank you for sticking around, being loyal and anticipating the greatness that will soon follow (ha!).

P.S. I’ve also changed up the look of my blog. It’s a little more flashy & bold, but still fun. You like?




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