Snackin’ on a Sunday

Hey there! So, this past Sunday turned out to be one of those good ol’ lazy days. I stayed in my comfy clothes all day, sorted some laundry and scrolled through all of my social media accounts. With all of this energy exerted (ha!), I worked up a little hunger. I came up with this midday snack, just something to nibble on a few hours before dinner. 

You ever browse your fridge or pantry for something “good” and sorta end up disappointed? Or is that just me? Grocery shopping isn’t a joy of my life, so I only go when I really need to. However, Sunday was different. I actually had some good ingredients to throw a nice little charcuterie (Google this word, it’s also fun to say) plate together. 

Hopefully, this can give you some ideas of what to make for your own charcuterie plate/platter–perfect to enjoy alone, with your love or to entertain friends and family. The options are endless and creativity is key…and of course presentation. 

Ingredients used (pictured above): Salami bites, Prosciutto, Havarti cheese, Cheddar cheese, almonds and Raisin Rosemary crisps 

Happy Snacking! 


2 thoughts on “Snackin’ on a Sunday

  1. Melvette Granger says:

    This looks delicious Lex. We’ll definitely have to make a charcuterie platter for a girls nite in. Oh and thanks for the vocabulary lesson, I’m about to google this word right now. 😘

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