Thoughts & Prayers…

My sincere thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy.  The northeast part of the country–especially New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have been devastated by this treacherous storm. Scrolling through my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram timelines, its been refreshing reading about random acts of kindness to assist those who are in need. Also with the help of nationwide charities including American Red Cross, United Way and Goodwill, rebuilding and getting back to the “normal” life is on the horizon.

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Volunteering at the Youth Empow”her”ment Summit 2012

One of my good friends who is heavily involved in our local community, asked me to assist her at the Youth Empow”her”ment Summit this year.  We spoke about building positive images via social media and personal branding. The day’s program was filled with seminars, guest speakers and even a choreographed dance class. The girls were so sweet and receptive–we all had a blast! The whole day was about encouragement and everyone who attended, including myself felt every bit of it. Participating in events such as this, really allows me to give selflessly and the feeling is great.

For more information about this event and the youth organization T.I.M.E. (Taking Initiative Moving Efficiently), visit

What are your favorite charities or volunteering events have you partaken in?