Last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Valentine's Day printable tags

Valentine’s Day printable tags

In the spirit of “Cupid’s Day” in two days (this Thursday, to be exact), I decided to compile a list of last-minute gift ideas for the man or lady in your life.  I’ve engaged in some Twitter conversations, read other blogs and mags and found that although some people claim to be anti-Valentine’s Day, most would at least want to be acknowledged in some way that they are thought of, right?

So, here are some things you can buy or make last-minute, to make your sweetie smile…

Gift ideas for the ladies:

  1. A floral arrangement of either her favorite flower or an array of unique foliage, such as sweet peas or tulips
  2. A delicious meal – Even if you’re unable to snag reservations at one of the city’s finest restaurants, a home cooked meal would be just as thoughtful (accompanied by a great bottle of wine, of course!)
  3. Anything beauty-related – All women like to “beautify” so treat her with a gift card to Sephora or ULTA or to a spa/salon. She can pick out anything from makeup, to perfume, nail polish or she can get a mani/pedi — a small pampering session makes a woman feel great!
  4. A framed photo – A great candid photo of the two of you would be cherished forever. Especially if the picture is a bit silly or capturing a special moment you two shared
  5. “Greetings with Love” – A simple card, including a hand-written heartfelt message

Gift ideas for the fellas:

  1. Sports, sports, sports! – Since most men can’t seem to live without anything sport-related, get professional sports game tickets or an ESPN magazine subscription
  2. A home cooked meal – This was mentioned as an idea for the ladies, but this also applies for the fellas. Men are impressed by a ‘from-scratch,’ homeade plate of goodness. So, get in the kitchen and show your cooking skills!
  3. Music – A lot of men favor specific genres of music, so get him an iTunes card or even create a digital or CD mix of songs that remind you of him
  4. “Let’s get physical!” *cue the Olivia Newton-John oldies song* – And, no, I don’t mean physical in that way (well, not for this particular gift idea – see #5, below). However, I do mean gitfing a personal training session or perhaps CrossFit workout classes
  5. Lingerie – Definitely not for the man to wear. But, this is actually a double-sided gift, one that can benefit both parties, for a special night, partaking in special things *wink face*

BONUS: The worst (or, not-so-thoughtful) Valentine’s Day gifts? 1. Those cheesy cardboard heart boxes with assorted chocolates. I mean, can we all agree that the assortment isn’t all that great–you bite into them and just end up spitting it out. 2. This next one is courtesy of my Twitter friends –  Gas station roses. Okay, I understand ‘it’s the thought that counts,’ but seriously, those roses always look horrible! They usually look dryed out and are so tightly-bound in that industrial plastic that the poor rose can’t even breathe! 3. Lastly, simply coming up empty-handed, with a poor excuse. There is absolutely no excuse to not do anything for someone you care about. Use this day as your catalyst –no need to max out credit cards, just be thoughtful!

Let me know your thoughts! What’s a Valentine’s Day gift, that’s guaranteed to make you smile? Have you ever received a less-than-stellar V-Day gift?

P.S. That pic above of the printable Valentine’s Day tags? They’re FREE! Check out “My Sister’s Suitcase” blog to get the link. 🙂

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“Keep working on love”

I recently attended a birthday party and met a vivacious young lady who had a very intriguing arm tattoo that read “Keep working on love.” I felt a little embarrassed by asking to snap a quick picture of her tattoo, but those four words really struck a chord with me…and she was more than happy to oblige.

In all facets of everyday relationships, whether they be with a significant other, with parents, siblings or friends, and even a higher power, they all require work to continue the loving bond and connection. This work entails action on our part. Sometimes this may be a small struggle, but totally worth the effort. We can all say the words “I love you” but are we actually showing it?

As we enter this Easter weekend, you will be surrounded by family and good friends. Whether it be a big or small gesture, I encourage you to act on love…

Enjoy your weekend!


*Image by Alexis Young