“Keep working on love”

I recently attended a birthday party and met a vivacious young lady who had a very intriguing arm tattoo that read “Keep working on love.” I felt a little embarrassed by asking to snap a quick picture of her tattoo, but those four words really struck a chord with me…and she was more than happy to oblige.

In all facets of everyday relationships, whether they be with a significant other, with parents, siblings or friends, and even a higher power, they all require work to continue the loving bond and connection. This work entails action on our part. Sometimes this may be a small struggle, but totally worth the effort. We can all say the words “I love you” but are we actually showing it?

As we enter this Easter weekend, you will be surrounded by family and good friends. Whether it be a big or small gesture, I encourage you to act on love…

Enjoy your weekend!


*Image by Alexis Young